Q|FRAME - Quantifiable Cybersecurity Framework

Continuously Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy With Q|FRAME™

Q|FRAME™ is a quantifiable cybersecurity framework that provides organizations with a strategic view of their cybersecurity program and drives continuous improvement. Q|FRAME™ identifies high-risk areas, informs priority action items, and tracks progress over time. Ongoing advisory sessions keep participants on track and provide information sharing opportunities. Organizations choose Q|FRAME™ to improve their cybersecurity risk management strategy.

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Begin Your Journey

Implement a proven cybersecurity program methodology that fosters a proactive and bar-raising security culture.

Know Where You Stand

Develop a structured baseline of your organization's cybersecurity program with recommendations from your selected control set(s).


Share the baseline assessment with key stakeholders, collaborate with our experts on next steps forward.

Leave With A Plan

Work with subject matter experts to develop a customized cybersecurity strategy with prioritized action items.

Optimize Your Program

Facilitate continuous improvement with operational metrics and regular advisory sessions.

Visualize Your Progress

Q|FRAME™ supports program management, measurement, and on-demand reporting activities.

Gain Confidence In Your Cybersecurity Program with Q|FRAME™

Whether you have a set of cybersecurity control sets in place or need to establish some, Q|FRAME™ can help you cultivate a program built on measurement and help you achieve higher levels of performance and secure the budget you need to succeed.  

Q|FRAME™ will start with a baseline gap assessment to help develop a practical, actionable, and measurable cybersecurity strategy.  Going forward, improvement initiatives will be supported by individual or group advisory sessions.  






  • Assess cybersecurity program state

  • Create a prioritized action plan

  • Implement security controls that support organizational objectives and compliance requirements

  • Create, approve, and distribute a formal cybersecurity policy

  • Develop and document organizational processes with consideration for policy and standards

  • Establish a cadence for reviewing and updating policy and documentation

  • Validate the effectiveness of security control implementation using operational metrics

  • Communicate program state to key personnel

  • Continuously improve and optimize the security program using data-driven insights

Confidence comes from consistent, quantifiable performance and improvement. Q|FRAME™ empowers cybersecurity professionals to take control of their security program, steering the ship where they want to go, not where the wind takes them. With unparalleled visibility into your program, you can identify and address gaps in policy, procedures, and security control efficacy, among other areas. Along your journey you will have access to subject-matter experts who can guide you in calm and rough seas alike. Take the next step in advancing your cybersecurity program with Q|FRAME™.