The Future of Cybersecurity Program Advancement

Continuously Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy With Q|FRAME™

Q|FRAME™ is a metric-informed cybersecurity framework that provides unbiased proof of your cybersecurity program's maturity. Utilizing metrics that are informed with real-time data, Q|FRAME™ validates your true progress, leading to a more effective and efficient cybersecurity program. In addition, Q|FRAME™ illustrates your organization's strength at various levels, including a granular focus, comprehensive overview, and growth over time, so you can see proven results.

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Continuous Improvement

Malicious actors are continuously improving their skills, so it is imperative for organizations to do the same. Q|FRAME™ continuously improves your cybersecurity through real-time data and metrics, advisory sessions, and the implementation of achievable action plans, to make sure you are always improving your defense against cyber threats.



Q|FRAME™ can integrate with CyberForce|Q’s Security Operations Center (SOC) services to directly update cybersecurity control scoring. The result is similar to a “real time audit,” that provides consistent and continuous control measurement.


Collective Expertise

Cyber criminals are continuously collaborating to become stronger threats, and organizations need to implement their own collaboration, to become better together. Q|FRAME™ employs a collective model, leveraging the expertise of the group to advance each participant’s cybersecurity program.

Establish a Baseline

Develop a structured baseline of your organization's cybersecurity program with recommendations from your selected control set(s) to determine your maturity. 

Continuously Improve Through Validated Metrics

Utilize metrics that are informed with real-time data, validating your true progress, and leading to a more effective and efficient cybersecurity program.

Visualize Your Progress

See the progress you have made with Q|FRAME™, through in-app program management, measurement, and on-demand reporting activities. 

Receive and Implement an Achievable Action Plan

Work with subject matter experts to develop a customized cybersecurity strategy with prioritized, achievable, action items, that are easy to ingest and understand.

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Gain Confidence In Your Cybersecurity Program with Q|FRAME™

As a control-agnostic program, Q|FRAME™  meets you where you are at in your cybersecurity journey, allowing for previous or current assessments to be integrated into the program, so no progress is lost. Whether you have a set of cybersecurity control sets in place or need to establish some, Q|FRAME™ can help you cultivate a program built on measurement. 

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