Incident Response

The CyberForce|Q Incident Response Team (IRT) stands ready to help organizations respond to and recover from cybersecurity breaches.


CyberForce|Q IRT provides remote and on-site investigation, containment, and recovery that reduces the overall impact of a cybersecurity incident. When every second counts, you need an experienced team by your side.


CyberForce|Q IRT fully integrates with SEQ|OPS and Mi|HSOC security operations platforms. The 30-minute event response SLA ensures that detection and response times are minimized, significantly mitigating the risks associated with cybersecurity breaches.

Emergency Incident Response


When you discover a security breach, time is of the essence. Every second counts when tring to understand the full scope of the problem and acting to contain and remediate it. The CyberForce|Q Emergency IRT provides remote and on-site investigations, containment, and recovery solutions that reduce the overall impact of an incident to your organization.

At the end of our investigations, we provide the discovered scope and impact of the incident including: 

  1. Information that was accessed or stolen 

  2. Impacted systems, user accounts, and applications 

  3. Strategic recommendations to bolster your security posture post incident 


All discovered information pertaining to the incident will be documented and provided to you in a detailed report that will be delivered post-incident, including items such as:

Executive Summary

High level overview of the investigation detailing the significant findings, as well as the containment and recovery actions.

Initial Detection

Summary of the events that lead to the initial detection of the incident by your organization.


Artifact Identification

Contains a comprehensive list that details all the items that were identified to be objects of interest in the investigation. 

Containment Steps

Details the steps that were taken by the IRT or your organization to contain the breach.


Remediation Steps

details the steps that were taken by the IRT or your organization to remediate the breach post containment.

Strategic Recommendations

Defines the controls identified through the investigation that will help bolster your organizations security posture and prevent this incident from occurring again.

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