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Secure a Better Performance!

Secure your connections and increase performance

  • Implement strict controls over their access and authentication.

  • Make sure VPN connections and Jumpbox resources (memory and CPU) and access are secure, and that tools have proper bandwidth to handle all of the remote users.

Increased communication and documentation

  • Establish a24x7 communication channel

Consider cross training staff to account for changes in team focus

  • While IT and security teams generally are pretty good at cross-training members, this makes even more sense when your team has moved to a remote model. Cross-training allows your team members more flexibility to move around and assist other in the face of an ever-changing landscape. With hundreds and in some cases even thousands of laptops and edge devices, endpoint monitoring can become critical, and teams can quickly become overwhelmed.

Maintain your security culture

  • Working in a SOC, we spend a lot of time trying to cultivate a collaborative and efficient security culture across the team. Its crucial that we maintain this culture. Ensure that your teams remain active and are able to communicate. Having daily team meetings or one-on-ones with your team members can enable you to keep your team member social bonds as healthy as possible.

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