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Developing an In-House Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Developing an in-house cyber threat intelligence platform (TIP) as part of your cybersecurity program, can produce quite a few positive results. These results can be exponential compared to your organizations collaboration and work with others, and your participation in the cyber community. Some of those benefits include:

  • The exchange of pertinent threat intelligence with other organizations may improve collaboration and preparedness.

  • The security team may become more efficient and better prepared for detecting threats, preventing security incidents and data breaches, and reacting to active cyber intrusions. 

  • The organization naturally switch from a reactive cybersecurity posture to a predictive, proactive one. 

The positive effects of having a threat intelligence platform, however, are dependent on several factors. For example, many people think that the success of a cybersecurity TIP, is relational to the amount of threat intelligence they collect. Threat intelligence information can only serve their organization to the extent that they are able to digest and operationalize the data and deploy countermeasures into the environment. 

One of the first steps that an organization will want to take when establishing a threat intelligence platform is to define your risk tolerance and define your priorities. This allows you to focus on what is important, and prioritize your resources making the workload manageable, because it is not possible to prevent every threat. Next you will want to inventory what internal and external assets you have that can make use of the threat feeds that you will be ingesting. Once all of that is done you will want to automate the process of having that intelligence ingested, parsed, and distributed to those technologies. 

Establishing a threat intelligence platform is a huge step is moving your cybersecurity program from the reactive to a proactive posture. Operationalizing that intelligence into your platforms can go a long way when trying to protect and prevent new and emerging threats from penetrating your environment. If you do happen to need help in establishing a program, feel free to reach out to the CyberForce|Q.

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