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Cybersecurity – Our Future

From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go back to sleep, technology is everywhere. Technology is not only rapidly changing but is becoming the new norm. We are living in the Digital age and with that, new cyber threats are emerging. That’s where Cybersecurity comes into play. But what is cybersecurity and why is it so important in this new digital era? 

Here’s the textbook definition: Cybersecurity is the practice of securing networks, systems and any other digital infrastructure from malicious attacks. So, what does this mean to the average consumer? Well not long ago, it was primarily something for only the techies to worry about. Businesses widely viewed it as the responsibility for their IT department. However, unless you live off the grid, you know that hacks and data breaches regularly affect businesses of all sizes. Cyber attacks can be designed to access, delete or extort an organization or user’s sensitive data, Making cybersecurity vital for individuals, families and organizations. Therefore, it is important for individuals and/or businesses to understand how to protect against cyber threats and must also comprehend the difference between virtual and real world.

Cybersecurity is a continuously changing field, due to evolving technology and the cyberattacks they create. There is a need for professionals in this field. 82% of employers report a shortage of cybersecurity skills. By 2021, it’s projected that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. In the world of cyber, the most innocent actions can be devastating. The good news is that its 93% of all breaches can be avoided if simple steps are taken. From regularly updating software, training on simple cybersecurity topics such as phishing too implementing two-factor authentication, there are effective ways of preventing cyber-attack. All it takes to start is the realization that no company, nation or individual is immune to hacking. 

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