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COVID-19 (Cont'd) and Phishing

Phishing campaigns are becoming more effective as threat actors weaponize the urgency users are experiencing. Traditional subjects that entice users to open malicious emails are being combined with COVID-19 keywords to create combinations that are increasingly effective at getting users to cough up their credentials and download malware. Decreased visibility as the workforce moves remote can also result in longer discovery and containment times.

How is your organization responding to the ever-evolving threat landscape and lack of visibility? A survey from ISC² found that, “47% have been taken off some or all of their typical security duties to assist with other IT-related tasks, such as equipping a mobile workforce.” The MI|HSOC specializes in cybersecurity for healthcare organizations – and our coalition of participants gives us immense visibility into threats facing every facet of the healthcare industry. Leverage the strength of collaboration to increase your visibility and transition into the “new normal” security teams find themselves in.


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