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Research has shown that the establishment of an Incident Response team and regular testing of your Incident Response plan can significantly reduce the average cost of a data breach.


Nearly 75% of organizations surveyed said they have an Incident Response plan.

Therefore, about 25% of organization surveyed

revealed they operate 

without a plan.  


63% of organizations that

have implemented an

Incident Response plan, said they regularly tested their plan, with 37% saying they didn’t regularly test their plan.


USD 2.66 Million

the average breach cost savings from a breach at organizations with an Incident Response team that also tested their plan regularly, versus those who do not have an Incident Response team and do not regularly test the plan.


To survive the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks, businesses need to be in a position to detect & defend incidents quickly.

Do you use an incident response team?

Do you have an incident response plan?

Do you regularly test your incident response plan?

Don't know where to start?

We Can Help

Looking for a sample plan?

Learn the Data

With cyberattacks constantly on the rise, it's important to learn why quick response times are vital. Watch our infographic to learn the facts and data about incident response.

Client Testimonial

In our darkest hour of a ransomware event, I turned to CFQ for their leadership and investigative expertise in dealing with such matters.  Their IRT quickly assembled and joined our IRT working with us 24/7 to immediately address our utmost concerns.  As our case progressed, CFQ continued to provide the highly technical detail we needed to navigate through to a resolution.


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Privacy & Security

Health System

CISOs Offer Tips For        Building Cybersecurity      `Muscle Memory'


Learn how our response team was able to help our clients 

"Helped decrypt VashSorena ransomware when it was a new strain of ransomware."

We assisted the client in decryption of the ransomware, saving them over one hundred thousand dollars in decryption ransom fees. They were able to successfully decrypt their own critical servers.

Lessons learned from a ransomware attack

In this special cybersecurity podcast, John Riggi, AHA’s national advisor for cybersecurity and risk, and a former senior executive in the FBI’s cyber division, speaks with leaders from UVM Health, who fell victim to a major ransomware attack in Fall 2020, about what they learned during that crisis. 

Our Solutions

With over 27 years of providing information security services, CyberForce|Q has extensive experience developing and implementing evidence-based cybersecurity programs. 

Our full suite of cybersecurity services can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We will work with your team to establish and implement a plan for a stronger, more efficient, cybersecurity program. 

24x7x365 Support

Our team is available to respond to emergency incidents, ensuring you always have a trusted partner to help during your attack.


Our certified incident handlers will examine your environment, systems, and indicators of compromise, to gain insights into the attack.


Our certified Incident responders are certified handlers, providing you with expert advice every step of the way.


We provide expert advice when our team has scoped out the situation, providing remediation steps, so you can combat the threat.

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