The CyberForce|Q Emergency Incident Response Team (IRT) is ready to help organizations respond to and recover from cybersecurity breaches

CyberForce|Q Emergency Incident Response provides on-site and remote investigation, containment, and recovery for your organization that reduces the overall impact of a cybersecurity incident. When every second counts, you need an experienced team by your side to lead the recovery.

When you discover a security breach, it's imperative to act immediately.  It's important to understand the full scope of the problem and act at once to contain and remediate it. Our Emergency IRT will assess, contain, and provide lessons learned throughout.  At the end of our investigations, we'll provide the discovered scope and impact of the incident up to and including: 

  1. Information that was accessed or stolen 

  2. Impacted systems, user accounts, and applications 

  3. Strategic recommendations to bolster your security posture post incident 

What to Expect:

Post Incident Deliverables






Are you experiencing a cybersecurity breach? Call the Emergency Incident Response Team immediately:


47911 Halyard Drive Suite 110

Plymouth, MI 48170

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