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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability is a dynamic risk, making it difficult to insure and is one of the biggest threats faced by businesses today. Cyber risk is no longer a 1 in 100-year chance. It’s happening daily. The insurance industry and the public and private sectors are finding underwriting cyber liability to be complex. We are sharing information to help you with cyber-risk management. We hope to provide insights to what we’ve seen, how preparing for an Incident Response Plan, and implementing policies and procedures can help you secure and maintain your cyber liability insurance.

Total Market Size increasing from around eight billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to just over

$20 Billion

U.S. dollars by 2025


of organizations

studied have had

more than one

data breach

2022 saw a record

increase of


in premiums.

How Can You Prepare Guide 

CyberForce|Q has prepared a Cyber Liability Insurance guide on understanding three phases of Cyber Liability Insurance and how to be prepared for Underwriting, Loss Prevention and Loss Mitigation. 

Learn more about
Cyber Insurance

This video provides insights into cyber liability insurance trends, best practices, and recommendations. Our knowledgeable panelists answer the top asked cyber insurance questions.


4 Things to Expect from Cyber Liability Insurance
in 2023

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Cyber Insurance Premiums

Next Steps To Prepare

How You Can

Be Prepared

Be prepared to show underwriters how your cybersecurity program ties back to generally accepted governance framework.


     Have an Incident Response Plan or

     Business Continuity plan documented.


How CyberForce|Q

Can Help

CyberForce|Q provides assessment and has

an application for tracking your policies

and procedures to NIST CSF or CIC CSC.


CyberForce|Q can help you review, write, or

assist with updating your plan. We also provide incident response testing with your team.


What if I have a breach? When do I contact my insurance company?  What are my requirements?


Have a documented plan that includes a call to your

insurance partner. CyberForce|Q can assist in 

mitigating, collecting, and reporting to your partners

about your incident. 


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