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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Implement a Security Operations Center Detection and Monitoring Program

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Security Operations Centers (SOC) align with organizations’ cybersecurity plans

to Protect, Detect, Respond and Repair to ensure optimal safety of your company.

Read More to Learn the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Implement a SOC.

#1 - Continuous Monitoring of the Security of your Organization

Cyber threats and the cyber criminals have no set working hours, but your organization does. Only continuous monitoring 24x7 of the network activity will help to promptly identify security threats and incidents. The faster an organization can response to cyberattacks the less risk they will have.

#2 - Cybersecurity Costs Are Reduced

With 83% of companies reporting cyber security beaches, security teams are sometimes unprepared and potentially insufficiently staffed to handle a breach.

It's reported that sufficient staffing levels can decrease your data breach cost by $550K. Finding the right talent with the widespread shortage of security skills should be a concern. Our SOC analysts and responders works as an extension of your team, providing 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting, and response. The average annual cost of SOC services is one certified full-time employee, and you now have 24x7x365 monitoring, highly reducing your risk.

#3 - Risk of your Organization is Reduced

Companies that have implemented SOC’s have resources to make it easier to analyze network threats, understand their cause, and prevent re-attacks. Firms without monitoring services can take 277 days to detect and response to a breach in your systems. With SOC services this is drastically reduced. Remediation of threats before they impact your organization is critical. Cybersecurity effectiveness is a time-based game and CyberForce|Q is second to none by responding to security cases within our Security Operations Center, with an average of 1.79 minutes, 24x7x365.

#4 - Collaboration of Knowledge and Abilities

With our monitoring services you organization has a TEAM behind you that is specialized, certified, and trained in cybersecurity detection and responses. Your organization will receive a wide range of communication and collaboration with other like companies.

CyberForce|Q’s collaborative and information sharing efforts have grown stronger, despite the threat landscape remaining consistent. This is beneficial for you as it allows access to a wider range of expertise and resources, which can enhance the ability to detect and respond to potential cyber incidents, thereby improving their overall security postures. By staying informed, organizations can stay ahead of threats and keep their sensitive information and systems secure. We provide monthly threat intel bulletins that cover the most prominent security incidents of the past month and provide insights into emerging trends and tactics used by actors.

#5 - Scalability and Adaptability

The CyberForce|Q SOC was designed to serve organizations of every size and maturity. To accomplish this, we are a technology agnostic monitoring service. We operate out of a Security Orchestration and Automation Platform (SOAR) that allows us to normalize response for a wide variety of organizations and adapt to the needs of each organization in a customized way. In the SOAR, the Collective SOC team builds custom integrated playbooks by alert type so that the response process is consistent, fast, and accurate. Meeting you where you are at with your technology resources.

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