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Long Term Cybersecurity Changes Post-Pandemic

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Security still at the foundation of workforce (remote or otherwise).  As companies scaled and the remote workforce sprang up seemingly overnight, companies were reminded that security is a necessary component to improving productivity and collaboration.  Improving the end user experience and productivity while working remotely is a top priority of business leaders (41%) – providing the security in an increase of apps for remote users has been a challenge, but remains a priority.

Zero Trust is inevitable.  Security industry leaders predict that Zero Trust architecture will go from an option to a standard.  

Diverse data sets meant better Threat Intelligence.  We’re better together!  Microsoft tracked more than 8 trillion daily threat signals from a diverse set of products, services, and feeds around the world.  Automated tools and human insight allowed security experts to identify threats related to COVID-19 before they reached customers.  An increase in phishing since the beginning of the pandemic make it clear that collaboration to fight cyber threats is more necessary than ever.

Cyber resilience is fundamental to business operations.  As the pandemic continues and more and more business continue to extend their remote work timelines, cybersecurity plays a huge role in operational consistency.  Cloud security is imperative.  Previously, cyber security solutions were deployed on top of existing infrastructure.  However, the pandemic has shown us that there is a need for cybersecurity for companies of all sizes and industries.  

As we continue to live with it, the pandemic has clearly accelerated the need for cybersecurity.  Implementing policies that enable your work force to help themselves, hiring diverse security talent and empowering them with threat intelligence and tools, and embracing the reality that remote work is going to have a lasting impact on the security paradigm are all steps that will help you continue to operate and thrive.  

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