Specialized cybersecurity operations for the healthcare sector.


The Mi|HSOC is a collective of healthcare cybersecurity professionals that acts as a force for good in the cyber realm. We view cybersecurity as a cooperative effort and are committed to addressing the unique challenges facing the healthcare sector. Our specialized approach to cybersecurity operations consistently outperforms the legacy model. Organizations choose Mi|HSOC to advance their cybersecurity program, enact 24x7x365 proactive defense, and share proven capabilities.

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Operations Capability with Mi|HSOC


Today’s healthcare organizations face a unique set of threats, vulnerabilities, and challenges. Not only are they among the most prominently targeted organizations, but they also store and process highly sensitive patient health information. Protecting healthcare infrastructure requires a specialized approach tailored to the complexity of healthcare environments. Recognizing the direct relationship between cybersecurity and patient care, healthcare leaders are collaborating to protect their people, data, and infrastructure.


Event Triage and Response

The Mi|HSOC team provides 24x7x365 monitoring to help you sleep well at night. 30-minute response SLA ensures that events are swiftly identified, triaged, investigated, and responded to. Daily operations briefings cover observed events, mitigated incidents, and active threats.

Incident Investigation and Resolution

Mi|HSOC includes incident response capability that integrates with and trains your existing team. Our certified incident handlers stand ready to investigate and resolve security incidents while working with your team to restore normal operations and prevent future incidents by incorporating lessons learned.

Event Aggregation, Analysis, and Reporting

Identify abnormal or anomalous behavior across a larger dataset. Alerts, logs and information from all signal sources are aggregated and compared by the Mi|HSOC team for a more extensive look into possible indicators of malicious activity. These statistics are provided to each participant and compared against other participants’ to discover larger trends in the threat landscape.

Real-World Incident Simulation and Training

The time to test your incident response plan is not during a live incident. The Mi|HSOC team uses your event types, environment, and third-party data to conduct incident simulation and training activities with your team. Lessons learned are reinforced through curriculum development and training.

Join Forces with Healthcare Leaders to Advance the Collective Security of the Healthcare Sector


CyberForce|Q houses the first-in-the-nation, truly collaborative, 24x7x365 healthcare security operations center. Compatible with organizations of all sizes, the model we have built is scalable and actively advancing the collective security of the healthcare sector.


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