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Since 1995 CyberForce|Q has achieved a reputation for providing innovative, high-quality solutions that include actionable security planning, clear risk management targets, security framework development and implementation, and quantifiable security operations that outperform legacy models. CyberForce|Q can develop and implement solutions in a variety of challenging environments and meet specific client requirements that have gone unmet in the past. In a business world as fraught with new risks as it is entwined with new technology, business executives are increasingly aware that IT-related problems can significantly affect an organization’s bottom line and reputation if not properly addressed.

A Brief History


1995 – Company founded to provide secure wide area network communications​

1997 – VPN and internet security capabilities​

2008 –  Q|FRAME Strategic Framework​

​2010 – SEQ|OPS Quantifiable Operations​ platform

2018 – Mi|HSOC launched to improve healthcare security in Michigan​

2019 – CyberForce|Q  security collaborative launched

CyberForce|Q Core Values

We live by our core values and align ourselves with others who do the same. In the words of our team members:

Personal Honor: Doing what is right when no one is looking. Holding yourself accountable and doing the "little things" that make something better.
Passion: The innate desire to learn, participate, and succeed.
Excellence: Trying your best when doing your duties, not taking any shortcuts, and continuously improving.
Client-Centric: Tailoring service and support to the client’s needs and wants.
Above & Beyond: Getting out of your comfort zone. Going beyond what is expected and taking initiative.

​Phone: (248) 837-1400


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